• Arrival time

Bright Home Solutions provides a window time of one hour after the service is requested, to its staff members, to deal with traffic and any other incidents, such as parking, weather conditions, and others.  Customers will be notified.

  • Equipment

The equipment used to clean homes/offices, is totally provided by bright home solutions. Customers might request to use their own supplies, if that is the case, they can specify it in the comments box at the check-out page.

  • Late cancelation fee

Customers who decide to cancel a service, have 24 hours as a window time to do it (24 hours before the cleaning scheduled). Otherwise, a $55 fee will be charged towards the credit card used to request the service.

  • Safety/work environment

Teams have the right to decide whether the conditions are proper to work or not. If an area or general job is considered unsafe or a threat, for instance, disrespectful people, anxious pets, and others, teams can leave the house/office.

Customers will receive a notification and will be charged a $55 fee.

  • Employment

Customers are not allowed to hire a current or past Bright Home Solutions staff member before a period of 12 months or less has passed after the last cleaning service scheduled. Those customers who directly hire a Bright Home Solutions technician, will be charge a $3,000 fine upon employment of our previous or present staff member.

  • Damage and loss policy

In the case an accident happens, we’ll do everything that is possible to repair or replace with an identical piece. In the case the replacement is not available, the value of the damage item will be refunded. Customers have 24 hours after the team left the house to report an accident. Before and after Proofs are necessary to make damage or loss claims.

  • Heavy lifting

Staff members are not supposed to carry heavy items of more than 30lbs. they have the right to refuse to do it if asked. customers can check “things to do before a cleaning” to avoid this kind of situation.

  • Holidays

Bright Home Solutions and its staff don’t work during legal holidays, if the requested cleaning falls on a legal holiday, it will be rescheduled at the customer’s convenience.

  • Objects/areas not cleaned

Bright Home Solutions is not responsible of cleaning body fluids, human/animal feces, and big amounts of litter. Staff members are not supposed to do large amount of dishes. Objects considered an obstacle won’t be touched, and the cleaning will be done around them if possible.  Teams are not supposed to climb ladders to reach high points, moving heavy furniture and cleaning outside the house.

  • Customer Satisfaction

To reach customers satisfaction at a 100%, we offer a guarantee program to take care of those areas that customers are unhappy with. To solve it, we offer a re-clean of the specific areas needed. Discounts or refunds are not performed under any circumstances. Customers must make claims within 24 hours after the service was done, and leave the area as is, so the guarantee can be applied.

  • Payments

Once a customer place a cleaning request, he/she will be asked for his/her credit card information, the credit will be put on hold, and won’t be charged until the service has been completed.

Site terms of use modifications

Certain modifications of the terms and conditions can occur, there is no specific time for this to take place, but when changes are done, an update will be post on our website, so it becomes effective. Customers may be notified by email when this happens.