How long does a move-out cleaning take?

Moving out of a home can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you have to clean. To guarantee a smooth transition from your old home, you may want to know, 'How long does a move-out cleaning take?'


Professional move-out cleaning service can take 4-6 hours, as there is more surface area to clean once the furniture is removed.  The actual time is dependent on what is requested by the customer.

What should a cleaner do in 2 hours?

image of modern kitchenThe tasks a cleaning team can accomplish within 2 hours depend on the size of your home and the level of cleaning required. In a home needing a basic cleaning, a professional can complete the following tasks in two hours:

  • Light dusting: Wipe down surfaces in all rooms, including furniture, countertops, and shelves.
  • Vacuuming and mopping: Vacuuming is necessary for rugs and carpets, while mopping is essential for hard floors.
  • Clean the bathrooms: This includes cleaning and disinfecting the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub, as well as the mirrors and countertops.
  • Cleaning kitchen: Two hours is enough to clean the countertops, sink, stove, microwave, floors, and cabinet fronts.

How long does it take to deep clean a bathroom?

Deep cleaning is necessary for a dingy and smelly bathroom. Getting every inch of the bathroom clean and germ-free will take 20 – 45 minutes. This includes cleaning and disinfecting the shower, bathtub, toilets, and floor.

To reduce the time to clean your bathroom, spend a few minutes each day wiping down surfaces, scrubbing the toilet and shower, and sweeping and mopping the floors.

Many people overlook areas like the exhaust fan, light fixtures, and trash can during their cleaning routine. Over time, they collect grime and bacteria, leaving you open to contracting infections. Finally, wash towels, bathmats, and shower curtains regularly to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

How clean should I leave my house when I move?

When you move out of a house, leave it in the same or better condition than you found it. This means doing a deep clean and:

  • Wiping down all surfaces, including the window sills
  • Scrubbing the bathrooms and kitchen
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Removing any garbage or debris
  • Dust the vents and exhaust fans
  • Steam cleaning carpets and curtains can be added for an additional fee.

Leaving the house in good condition fosters a positive relationship with your landlord and avoids any potential cleaning fees or deductions from your security deposit. It'll also help you get a positive reference which can be helpful when applying for future rentals.

Landlords and property managers have different expectations for how clean the house should be. Some may require professional cleaning services, while others may be okay with basic cleaning. Review your lease agreement and understand the cleaning expectations set by your landlord.

What's the difference between deep cleaning and move-out cleaning?

Deep cleaning refers to a thorough home cleaning when the home is still occupied with furniture, while move-out cleaning is done on a vacant house after you move out to ensure the next tenant finds it in good condition.

Both deep and move-out cleaning involves extensive home cleaning, but move-out cleaning is typically more focused on meeting the landlord's or property manager's expectations. In some instances, move-out cleaning may involve more detailed cleaning of specific areas, like kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and carpets, to ensure they are left in pristine condition for the next tenant.

In contrast, a deep cleaning is more focused on general cleaning and organization of the home rather than meeting the specific requirements of a landlord or property manager.

The intensity and time involved is different in both cleaning options. Deep cleaning can be done regularly (once or twice a year), while move-out cleaning is typically done when vacating a rental property and involves a more thorough cleaning. Depending on the size of the home, move-out cleaning can take several hours or even a full day to complete.

How long does it take to clean a 2500-square-foot house?

It takes approximately 150 to 225 minutes (2.5 to 3.75 hours) for regular cleaning of a 2500-square-foot house and 225 to 300 minutes (3.75 to 5 hours) for a deep clean. If the house requires heavy-duty cleaning, standard cleaning could take 225 to 300 minutes (or 3.75 to 5 hours).

The time it takes to clean a 2500-square-foot house varies depending on the level of cleaning required, the number of people living there, and how many crew members are assigned to the home. Standard cleaning, including dusting and vacuuming, may take 45-60 minutes per 1000 square feet of the house. But a deep cleaning service may take 90 to 120 minutes per 1000 square feet of the house.

If the house is excessively dirty and severely cluttered, it may take longer to clean. Standard cleaning may take 90 to 120 minutes per 1000 square feet, while deep cleaning service may take 225 to 300 minutes per 1000 square feet.

What happens if you don't clean your house when you move out?

If you leave the apartment so dirty that it costs the landlord more than normal rates to clean it in preparing for a new tenant, the landlord might withhold your security deposit.

Neglecting to clean can also damage your reputation with the landlord or future tenants, making it harder for you to secure a rental in the future. This is possible since landlords rely on references and past rental history to assess the suitability of new tenants.

If you have a history of leaving properties in poor condition, it'll reflect poorly on your character and reliability as a tenant, making it harder to secure a new space.

Which part of the house should be cleaned first?

Always start from the top and work your way to the floor. You should dust and clean ceiling fans and light fixtures before wiping down walls and windows and cleaning floors and carpets. Follow this cleaning process in your kitchen and bathroom first, then move to other rooms.

Starting to clean from top to bottom makes cleaning more efficient and effective. It prevents dust and debris from settling on lower surfaces that have already been cleaned. As you work your way down, you'll wipe off drips and streaks on the wall leaving behind a sparkling surface.

Are tenants responsible for cleaning the oven?

It's often the responsibility of the tenant to clean the oven before moving out of a rental property. The oven is considered a part of the rental unit and is subject to wear and tear during your tenancy.image of a person cleaning an oven

A lease agreement will often specify the landlord's expectations about oven cleaning. While most agreements are silent on the deductible, you may be charged the cost of cleaning and repairing any damage to restore the appliance to the condition you found it.

If you feel your landlord is asking for too much, get some evidence of your claim and request a professional to do the repairs or cleaning.

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