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Gaithersburg was established in 1765 and has rapidly transformed from a small agricultural community to a significant urban area renowned as the 'Science Capital of the United States.' Over the years, the city has gracefully balanced its growth by preserving its rich, diverse heritage.

Today, while high-tech firms form its landscape, its historical charm persists, notably in Gaithersburg's leafy parks. Parks like Bohrer Park are scattered across the city and offer residents peace amidst the urban chaos, underlining Gaithersburg's commitment to retaining its natural allure.

Bohrer Park

Bohrer Park is renowned for its exciting water park but also boasts of an expansive, meticulously maintained green space. Its well-equipped playground, basketball courts, and picnic pavilions are a magnet for families and sports enthusiasts.

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The beautiful miniature golf course adds a delightful recreational option, making Bohrer Park a versatile recreational haven for all ages.

Malcolm King Park

Malcolm King Park is where urban living meets nature. Housing an array of local flora and fauna, this park offers a refreshing sight. In addition to its natural beauty, it includes a basketball court, two tennis courts, a soccer field, playground equipment, and a 2.1-mile biker and hiker trail.

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Constitution Gardens Park

Constitution Gardens Park offers a break from Gaithersburg's bustling urban scene. It's located between the city's Vietnam Memorial and World War II Memorial and represents a living homage to the nation's founding principles.

The 23-acre park pays tribute to the republic's origins featuring a memorial island within an artificial lake with stones etched with the names and signatures of the 56 signatories of the Declaration of Independence.

Kelley Park

Kelley Park is named after George R. Kelly, the civil engineer who designed it. It serves as a social and recreational hub for the local community. Its vast open fields are perfect for football, soccer, or cricket matches, while the playground ensures a fun-filled day for the children. It's outdoor grills and picnic areas further enhance the sense of community, making it an ideal gathering spot for families and friends.

Seneca Creek State Park

Seneca Creek State Park extends 14 miles along Seneca Creek and is a testament to Gaithersburg's deep-rooted connection to nature. The park's history dates back to 1958 when Maryland's Department of Natural Resources recognized the need for wildlife habitat and recreational space, creating this 6,300-acre park.

Today, it is a vibrant green haven whose trails wind through thick forests and has a tranquil Clopper Lake offering myriad water activities.

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Exploring the beauty of Gaithersburg's parks is a gratifying experience, combining leisure, recreation, and a sense of community. You can enjoy these parks alone or with your family and friends.

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