Breweries in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Gaithersburg is located in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland. It's a vibrant city rich in history and culture and that has evolved over the years. Gaithersburg uses its past to chart it’s future giving uniquely positioning itself as a tourism hub.

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Its forward-thinking spirit is evident in its booming brewery scene represented by Dogfish Head Alehouse.

Saints Row Brewing

Saints Row Brewing is a small, family-owned brewery with great service, ambiance, and phenomenal beer. Their extensive range of beers includes everything from hearty stouts to refreshing lagers, ensuring a brew for every palate.

Dogfish Head Alehouse

Dogfish Head Alehouse has established a good reputation for its distinctive, high-quality beers you cannot get at your local beer store. With a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, it's the ideal place to unwind while enjoying a pint of their famous craft ale and delicious foods made from their wood-fired grill. Even better, they keep things fresh by hosting beer dinners and new beer releases.

Beers & Cheers Too

Beers & Cheers Too invites patrons on a tasting journey of its vast selection of local and imported beers. Unlike most upscale beer and wine store, Beers & Cheers Too features a rotating selection of drafts, allowing you to sample the diversity of Gaithersburg's thriving beer culture in one location.

Downtown Crown Wine and Beer

At Downtown Crown Wine and Beer, the city's vibrant brewery scene meets a comprehensive selection of fine wines and spirits. It's the perfect spot to explore new flavors, discover local brews, and, perhaps, find a new favorite.

Brews & Barrels

As one of the newest addition to Gaithersburg's brewery scene, Brews & Barrels impresses with its adventurous and ever-changing beer menu. The brewers here aren't afraid to experiment, offering a unique and creative spin on classic brews that will intrigue the taste buds.

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Whether it's a frosty pint from Saints Row Brewing or an innovative blend from Dogfish Head Alehouse, Gaithersburg's offerings cater to all taste buds. These breweries serve as social hubs and champions of vibrant culture, creating experiences as rich and diverse as their beer menus.

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